Haru / 春

(Japanese / Artist / Illustrator)

I want to find the other side of the transparent world.

I think that I want to connect softly to deep portion of the heart , and talk with “another you” that are in your heart. Probably, this is the reason I draw a picture.

I hope that we can touch the invisible various world.

I think whether each person has various things such as trouble and loneliness.
Even if the my works can not solve such a problem directly, if those who touched the work will be positive thinking or feeling a little restful …
I am happy if I can become somewhat your help.

“We are alone, but we are not alone. We are not alone, but we are alone.
But even so, the invisible things will be with you, and they give the power to you.”
I hope an invisible world you will be your light and star in your life.

Exhibition and Works

  • 2013  “The 8th 100 Artists Exhibition” YES / Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2013  ”The 8th 100 Artists Exhibition” NO / Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2013 Creation of goods illustrations.(Musician “Masayo Kaseno”) / Japan
  • 2013 『Gathering』 T-Shirts Exhibition / Shibuya O-nest,Tokyo
  • 2013 『Gathering』 T-Shirts Exhibition / ART Lab,Osaka
  • 2013 Creation of wedding welcome board. / Japan
  • 2013 Creation of Christmas card. / loftwork
  • 2014 Creation of New Year’s card. / Japan
  • 2014  “The 9th 100 Artists Exhibition” What You Perceive in 2020. / Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2014 ”Art Cats And Dogs!” Post cards exhibition/ Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2015 Haru solo exhibition “in your hand, in your heart”/ Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2016 JCAT SHOWCASE 8 / Ouchi Gallery, N.Y
  • 2017 JCAT SHOWCASE / Gallery Max, N.Y